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The Fibromyalgia Polypain Arthritis Center is an exceptional and unique rheumatology center located in Orange County, California dedicated to the comprehensive assessment, thorough diagnosis, and innovative, integrated, wellness-based treatment of fibromyalgia, chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain, and the entire spectrum of complex, difficult rheumatology conditions and disorders. Our philosophy is to provide a patient-centered, evidence-based approach incorporating thorough, comprehensive, and individualized assessment and treatment based on integrating the mind, body, and spirit to promote long-term wellness in which patients are fully educated and empowered partners in their management.

Our renowned 6 step Polypain Consult sets the standard for the most thorough and complete evaluation of chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain and provides the basis for the best understanding of your pain, what causes it, the factors that modulate it, and what to do to relieve your symptoms and return your functional abilities.

Step 1 

· A thorough history of your aches, pains, fatigue, and health issues
· Identifying where your pain comes from
· Assessing the impact of prior treatments and their effects
· Evaluating all health issues impacting your pain and its management ·  
Step 2 · A comprehensive evaluation of the functional impact of your pain
Step 3 · The most thorough and complete physical examination you have ever had
Step 4

· A detailed assessment of the psychological and psychosocial factors
  that that affect pain and are affected by your pain
Step 5

· An exclusive 5-7 night in-home somnographic (brain wave)
  assessment of your sleep patterns as well as sleep quality and
  character evaluation as it relates to your pain and fatigue
Step 6

· A generally 1-2 hour comprehensive discussion of the outcomes,
  conclusions, and recommendations including extensive patient
  education resulting in a comprehensive, coordinated wellness-based
  treatment program and a fully empowered patient

The Fibromyalgia Polypain Arthritis Center is a highly specialized rheumatology practice with a particular interest in fibromyalgia, chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain, and complex, challenging rheumatology conditions. In recognition of the complexity and long-standing nature of disorders like these, we emphasize:

  • Direct, face to face, physician contact and care
  • Thorough, extensive assessment based on patient need
  • Comprehensive, integrated, wellness-based treatment
  • Open, accessible, responsive communication
  • Exceptional personalized care
  • Close follow-up and monitoring for established patients
  • Education and empowerment to develop patient partnerships
  • Avoidance of third party interference

The foundation upon which we meet our goals is based on a six step process that includes:

  • A thorough, detailed, all-inclusive medical history taken by the doctor
  • A meticulous and detailed physical examination performed by the doctor
  • A comprehensive and thorough analysis of the findings
  • Establishing an intensive, individualized, and integrated wellness-based treatment program
  • A full, face to face, detailed and complete explanation and discussion of the findings and treatment plans
  • Encouraging and answering all questions regarding the assessment

We devote the time that is necessary to understand, diagnose, and establish comprehensive treatment recommendations.